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Da zdravstvuyet Rossiya!!


Tempted by the Forest’s Calling? Fascinated by the frozen Far North? Or do you simply want to emerge your « in  fashion » side without being « out »? We take care of all that just by offering you cool and stylish chapka and earflaps. They definitely are the best protection against the cold, with their shape that encompass the entire head to the neck, and their fur lining is now also considered by fashion designers, with more and more various models.
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The hat of severe cold.

If you don't understand this explanation, that's not a reason to deprive yourself from wearing a beautiful chapka. It's obviously not very discrete with its hairs and ears but so warm that you only need to put it in your head to be seduced. Some say that it warms all the body even when you're naked.

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Need some warmth and comfort ? Bon Clic Bon Genre has the solution with its selection of fashionable fur beanies. Traditional Russian chapka, they will warm your head with style. Eccentric or discrete, the famous fur headgear is in fashion, you can’t deny it! It became an essential accessory last winter, and is now praised by the majority of you ! You 'll have understood it : completely trendy, fur fills you with happiness, and allows you to spend a cosy winter ...


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